Privacy Policy

We will not give your personal details to any third parties unless statutorily obliged – our privacy policy is registered with the ICO.

We hold basic contact info of people who place orders with us so we can, you know, send them their records. If one of those people decided to place another order with us and told us that they couldn’t be arsed filling in the contact details form again then we will access the stored data to generate another order. We will also use data such as your email address to contact you about your order because people seem to like it when we do that. Simple as…

We don’t have a mailing list.

Third parties wish we shared your data with them.

If you pay for your order by PayPal, well, that’s up to you, but you may wish to check out their privacy policy.

Likewise if you message us through Facebook, you may wish to familiarise yourself with their privacy policy.

Any audio files you send to us will be kept for no longer than 6 months. RAID drives are expensive!

As far as we know, cookies are something you bake, but we do use Clicky Analytics because we are interested in seeing where in the world visitors to our site come from.
Apparently, Clicky uses cookies to do this, but if we’ve learned one thing it’s that most people are a bit paranoid about ‘the man’ and like to generate anonymous search data and hide behind proxy servers so it’s kind of pointless anyway.

If you have ever bought any records from us and want us to delete your contact info, please email us and we will happily oblige, but don’t get upset when you have to fill the order form in again.

Other than that, enjoy receiving A LOT less spam from now on – we know we will!