Please note that all recording projects are suspended until further notice.

recording services

There are hundreds of recording studios around the UK, probably even a hundred in Manchester alone, so why come to us?

Well, as Tony Wilson once said “…we do things differently here…”

First of all, we mainly record in mono. Yep, mono. The intention is to cut what is recorded to either lacquer or plastic on a lathe with mono cutterheads, so it makes sense to record in mono. How many people actually listen in stereo anyway?

Second, we use as little equipment in the recording process as possible. We believe that a single, well-placed microphone in front of a good musician (or a well-placed group of musicians around a single microphone) is often all that is needed – sometimes up to four, but mainly just one or two very nice ribbon microphones. A lot of great recordings have been made this way and we want to keep that tradition alive.

Mixing & mastering take place during the recording process – you perform, we capture it. Either straight to disc or to full-track, 1/4″ tape or both simultaneously.
No sea of mics. No endless mixing. Just beautiful, warm, 100% analogue recording (though we can make a digital copy if you really want us to).

Once the recording is complete, you can either take away your single copy, have up to ten copies cut within 24 hours (often the same day) or have a lacquer sent off for plating & pressing. We offer special deals on recording sessions if you are having cuts made by us. Get in touch for more details!

direct-to-disc sessions

Don’t just make a recording – capture a performance!

Most sound recordings before the 1950s were made by cutting directly to a master disc. To make a direct-to-disc recording, musicians play one “live” take – no multitracking and no overdubs! The performance is captured directly to the recording disc (either a one-off or a master for pressing) on our classic Presto 28N lathe. We can also make a digital or tape back-up copy simultaneously.

For smaller projects,, this can be done in our cutting studio, right in front of the lathe, just as it was ‘back in the day’ – with the added bonus of learning all about the process! For larger, more critical projects we can set-up a session in a beautiful sounding, world-class recording space.

Get in touch for more details!

location recording

Yep, whether it’s in the woods, by a lake, in a cave or up a mountain, we have a portable (it all fits in a rucksack), completely battery-powered, all analogue recording set-up for those of you who prefer to record in unusual places!


analogue recording

Tape to disc transfer