SARS-CoV-2 Update

UPDATE 20TH AUGUST: We are approximately three to four weeks behind schedule. This has been compounded by the fact that around four months-worth of work came in in May and John had to take a short break to preserve his sanity. He is working hard to get through the backlog. Please remember the day to day running of this is operation done by one person and they are currently prioritising cutting over answering emails (we get around 100 emails a day), so there may be delays in response. Please do not send messages via email, Instagram and Facebook simultaneously as this just confuses things!
All stock is currently alotted to open orders. We are expecting more stock in early September.
HUGE love, thanks and old-school hugs to customers old and new who ‘get it’ and are being so patient in these incredibly frustrating times. It is MASSIVELY APPRECIATED!!!
Still no news on visitors to the building to apologies to all of those enquiring about recording projects.

UPDATE 20th JULY: We are currently approximately three weeks behind schedule due to various supplier delays. We have temporarily suspended LP orders as there are currently several large orders in the queue. They will be reinstated when the backlog has been reduced to a more manageable level.
We are still unable to have visitors to the building, making it impossible to book in recording projects. Please don’t let that stop you from enquiring though and remember that our engineer can come to you..!

UPDATE 1ST JUNE: There is currently a global shortage of plastic, in particular clear polycarbonate, acrylic, PETG and PVC (vinyl). We have a back-order with our main supplier who (fingers crossed) already has a stock of clear blanks that were manufactured before the pandemic hit. However, we have not had this confirmed yet, so there will very likely be significant delays on orders for clear/transparent cuts. Many suppliers are simply not taking orders for any clear plastic materials unless it is specifically for PPE, which is understandable, others are suggesting wait times upwards of  four weeks.
If you have an open order for clear/transparent cuts with us and would prefer not to wait or would prefer to switch to black anyway, please get in touch. As far as we know at this stage, black plastic is unaffected but we will update here if that changes.

We are still open and cutting, however all recording projects have been cancelled until further notice.

The only person using the studio will be John, the cutting engineer. He cycles to the studio and doesn’t leave until it is time to go home again.

The studio is being cleaned on a daily basis.

All our products are treated with an anti-static solution that is naturally anti-microbal.

We are trying to minimise trips to the post office, so orders will be sent out in batches. Apologies for any delays caused by this.

Some of our suppliers have shut down temporarily, while others have sadly gone out of business. Unfortunately, this means that some products are scarce and we will inform you as soon as possible if we are unable to source the products you have ordered. At the moment, this is limited to some types of printing. If in doubt, get in touch before placing an order.

Turnaround times may also be affected.

The descision to remain open has not been taken lightly. We would like to be able close the studio temporarily however we would not survive as a business if we did. We have seen a significant reduction in revenue and still have things like rent to pay. At this stage it seems we are not entitled to any of the help the government is offering. We also realise that orders placed are for independent labels, artists and musicians who also need an income through this epidemic. If there is any way we can help our customers at this time, we are open to suggestions.

Take care.